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Handbag Restoration By Handbag Service Centre

In recent months we have been asked about what we can do to restore handbags which have been damaged quite severely by attempted theft, or accidental damage due to ‘bags getting caught in car doors or dragged along the road etc. In most cases the best thing is to look at each individual handbag and decide what the best course of action could be, sometimes things are just uneconomic and would require a total rebuild from the start.

We have successfully restored several “family heirloom” handbags, which have deteriorated over many years of use, we can usually do something to help make these useful once again, without losing the cherished appearance that age gives a vintage handbag. One leather type we cannot restore if the gloss has been lost is “patent”, very high gloss leather, unfortunately there are no techniques that we have found to successfully match the original mirror gloss look to this leather.

Vintage fabric handbags can be restored, as long as the fabric is not too fragile or damaged before we get hold of it. Seams can be remade, components refreshed and dirty marks removed – again, it will depend on the condition and extent of the damage as well as the fabric type used originally.

Other, non handbag, items we have worked on include: Vintage binocular case, briefcases, suitcases, shoes and boots and motorcycle leathers. Garments such as jackets and hats have also  been repaired by us too.

As you can imagine, giving a price “menu” for this sort of work is very likely to be inaccurate, simply due to the variety and degree of difficulty that there will be between each example. The best thing to do is send us a message, with some photos and we’ll get back to you with our ideas and estimate of cost.

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