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Handbag Repair by Handbag Service Centre

We can repair many of the common and not-so-common faults that occur either by accidental damage or simple wear and tear through use. These include the replacement of zips, replacing buckles, clasps and rivets. Sam Browne fixings, magnetic closures, pop-studs and so all are available from us. Even if we can’t obtain the exact replacement (many manufacturers are very reluctant to supply components with their brand on) we can usually get something that will look great and work just as well for you.

We have suppliers of most zip types, bright metallic, nylon, brass finish and so on, to match other zips or components on the ‘bag.

Clasps and buckles on handles can often be repaired or replaced, if you can keep any broken parts and send them in with your ‘bag we may be able to re-use some parts for you.

When the seams have parted or corners have come apart we can help, by careful selection of threads and sewing techniques we can blend the repair into the original to make an invisible repair. When the seam has become damaged (usually on corners where they have rubbed away) we will use repair products to replace lost leather,  use colours and finishes to conceal the repaired section for you.

If the handles have broken or just not looking as they should we have several techniques to re-enforce the handle and repair the piping etc around the damaged area. Leather strap handles that have become too damaged to repair are replaced with new leather, and if required we use new poppers, rivets or Sam Brownes to fit it back to the ‘bag.

Decorative and functional chains can be replaced, re-laced with leather or faux leather to match the original, if required.

Handbag linings do get a hard life sometimes, and eventually they can get so damaged or stained that the ‘bag becomes unattractive and unused. We can replace many lining types, we use synthetic, very strong but light, materials for the linings, many colours are available, we select the most suitable or will be guided by you. Not all linings are simple to do, however, it does depend on the way the ‘bag was constructed at the factory, so we do need to see the ‘bag before confirming whether we can help or not.

Handbag Repair costs are difficult to give “menu” prices for, as you can imagine, the complexity of the job is unique for each bag, but as an indication:

Zip replacement starts from £60.00

Components – it all depends on the cost of the parts and the complexity of fitting them, but a non-brand lobster claw clasp will be from £30.00 for example.

Lining replacement – again there are many ways the lining is fitted by the manufacturer, and the amount of time it takes to replace the lining is where much of the cost lies. As a guide the prices start from £70.00

Seam and corner repair begins at £45.00.


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