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Handbag Cleaning by Handbag Service Centre

Handbag cleaning done right. Whether there is a specific stain or just an overall “grubbiness” we can usually help restore your handbag back to “clean and beautiful” for you.  We have great experience in cleaning most leather types and many of the fabrics used in handbag making.

We use a cleaning system developed by years of practical work within the industry, we get all our cleaning products from Uniters SpA, based in north Italy, in the heart of the leather and handbag manufacturing region. This gives us great confidence in our techniques and processes to achieve safe and reliable results for you.

In addition to cleaning we also offer an odour removal service, I think that cat urine is the most common request here, though vomit and milk are also reasonably frequent culprits too!

Handbag Cleaning costs begin at £35.00 plus postage, though exact prices will vary with complexity of the challenge we face.

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