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The first step is for you to fill in the information on the form, giving as much as you feel will help us understand the problem(s). Accompanying pictures will assist in this to a great degree.

From the information received we will give an opinion of what we feel able to do for you, and an estimated cost and any further observations. You can then decide on whether to proceed, hopefully sending us the item for repair and restoration.

Upon receipt we confirm the price given earlier and if you agree, we then begin the work required for you. Simple!

All return parcels are sent via insured carrier – up to the replacement value of the item, to give added peace of mind to you.

Please ensure you place your contact details and return address within the handbag, so we can be sure to know from whom the parcel has come, otherwise we’ll not know what to do!

Postal Address:

Handbag Service Centre

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