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About Us – Handbag Service Centre

George Evans has many years of experience working within the restoration and cleaning of fabrics and leather in the garment, accessory, furniture, automotive and related industries. Having been technical director for a major warranty and accidental damage repair company in the UK, leading a team of 100 home visit technicians in the best techniques and products to resolve a wide array of problems for our customers. He moved on to set up and run Handbag Makeover with a business partner for several years.

George has now decided that the time is right to develop the business model further into a wider range of products and services to help people restore their cherished handbags back to usefulness for them.

With a small team of dedicated and experienced technicians George has set up Handbag Service Centre to offer our services to private individuals, retailers, importers and manufacturers of small items in both fabric and leather or combinations of materials.

How do we achieve the results?

All our repair and cleaning products come from the world leading Uniters SpA, makers of the LeatherMaster (developed by Dr. Tork), TextileMaster, and WoodMaster product ranges. Having worked closely with Uniters SpA for many years we have built great confidence in the individual products, and also the way in which they can be combined to achieve great results – based on leading manufacturing and environmental methods recognised by ISO and other auditing bodies across the globe.

We have access to a wide range of component suppliers from across the world.

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